The future of the Worlds: 2013-2016

Well, this post was meant to come right after the Worlds, but laziness took over and now here we are. Anyway, during this year’s Worlds there were, as ever, stories and announcements about the future of the UCI’s crowning glory. Here’s a look at the news that came out about the future World Championships. Continue reading “The future of the Worlds: 2013-2016”

Men’s Road World Championships 2011

Well, its Worlds time again and all of the season’s familiar questions are popping up again, such as ‘Will Gilbert win?’ and ‘Who can beat Gilbert?’. Will it be one of the riders in this rather shoddily made collage? Or will it be someone whose outline I couldn’t be bothered to trace around in such as Matt Goss or Fabian Cancellara? Continue reading “Men’s Road World Championships 2011”