Instigating change at the UCI, follow-up

I’m not sure if anyone remembers my post from last week and the letter to British Cycling’s Head (and my local UCI Management Committee member), Brian Cookson, but I wasn’t very hopeful about the chances of letter-writing bringing about any meaningful change in the higher echelons of the sport. Now, however, it seems that the fan’s voices have been heard. Continue reading “Instigating change at the UCI, follow-up”

Instigating change at the UCI

This post stems from a Tweet from @UCI_Overlord, writer/founder of Well, this Tweet in fact. In it, he lists the email addresses of the UCI Management Committee (who are due to meet on Friday as you know) and urges the reader to call for the resignations of Pat and Hein, and outline the changes you would like to see. Continue reading “Instigating change at the UCI”