What the Russians left behind: follow-up

Before I get back to normal posting, here’s some more news about the last post, about RusVelo.

After I wrote the article about the Kovalev brothers, I emailed the MPCC with the information I had found. I didn’t expect a reply, but got one a few days ago..

Dear Sir,

Thank you for information about the two riders of the RUSVELO team that ran during the self-suspension from the team.

MPCC is very active in order to respect its rules of procedure.

We are following this issue very seriously and expect explanations of RUSVELO team.

Thank you again for your cooperation.






While it’s good to hear back from them, it is hard to see what could happen as a result of this. Regarding the IV kit issue, a photo alone (even if authentic) is not going to be enough in order to hand down any sanctions. The family who hosted the pair are reportedly reluctant to get involved. If anything solid can be proven, then things could get serious.

The fact that the brothers raced while their team was self-suspended under MPCC rules could mean that there will be more in the way of sanctions for the teams. The rules of the organisation are, however, unclear as to which races count for the self-suspension. I imagine that races that form a part of the UCI’s international criterium calendar would be included, but we will have to wait and see…

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